Juniper & Kin QO Amsterdam Amsterdam

Breathtaking views

Worlds come together 21 floors above ground at Juniper & Kin.

Come by for grand cocktails & small bites. For fresh ingredients handpicked from our very own greenhouse & from local farms. For local liquors & innovative recipes. For cosy vibes & spectacular views. For convivial times & drinks with friends. For somewhere to keep returning to again and again & with whomever.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Amsterdam and have a peek inside our unique rooftop greenhouse. This high-tech farm is where we grow the herbs that turn our cocktails into imaginative creations of pure delight. It’s also where we raise the fish and grow the vegetables that make our dishes extraordinary and flavoursome, and, above all, pure and fresh.

Juniper & Kin opens daily from 5 pm. You’ll find us on the 21st floor of the QO in the Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam East. We’re easily accessible by public transport (disembark at Spaklerweg metro station) and have plenty of on-site parking (5 minutes from the Ring).


Amstelvlietstraat 4
1096 GG, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)20 220 5665

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