ARC. Pestana Amsterdam Riverside Amsterdam

old meets new

Open and mysterious at the same time. ARC. is a bar and restaurant. It’s the place in Amsterdam for drinks, bites, dinner and lunch. Old meets new. The bar in the glass conservatory makes a beautiful connection to the terrace. The bartenders will welcome you during all seasons. The monumental tree take its essential place and tells in its own way a story about the history of Amsterdam.

As I said: this is a special place, pay attention to it.
A Hotel full of stories to discover, a City filled with
trees similar to myself.
From the thoroughly intricate details that add up to a
makeover, to the things that are kept in plain sight and
honor the history of a place, from the outside in, from
Portugal to Holland on a round the world journey, from
trades, to art, to all of your senses.
Step outside and start your journey in the
I’ll be close by, waiting to hear what you’ll add to an
already exciting adventure.

Yours steadily,

The Monumental Tree


Amsteldijk 67
1074 HZ, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0)202206902

Belvedere Vodka
Canadian Red
Natural Straws