Bluespoon Bar Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Amsterdam

Cosy atmosphere

In the style of a typical Amsterdam café, Bluespoon Bar exudes an intimate speak-easy atmosphere overlooking the iconic Prinsengracht. Located in the vibrant heart of hotel Andaz Amsterdam, it is the perfect location for any time of the day: for a cup of tea, afternoon snack or entertaining evening.

Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the sofas or take a seat at the large communal bar table where the action and entertainment is brought to the tableside through our professional bartenders. Be amazed by their hand-crafted cocktails inspired by three different eras – pre-prohibition, prohibition, and post-prohibition. Taste classic craftsmanship through the use of pure ingredients such as hand-picked herbs, fresh juices and carefully distilled liquors, complemented by creativity, originality and true bar etiquette. Besides an extensive cocktail menu, BluespoonBar presents a wide variety of bar food.


Prinsengracht 587
1016 HT, Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 (0) 20 523 1234

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